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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hughes to change his number

Phil Hughes, now safe from the swirling trade winds, informs us that he is planning on changing his uniform number, which is currently No. 65.

He has said in the past that he likes numbers that end in five. However, the selection of numbers that fit that criteria are rather slim with the Yankees.

Jason Giambi (No. 25), Mike Mussina (No. 35) and Carl Pavano (No. 45) are in the last year of their contracts. Hideki Matsui (No. 55) has two years remaining.

I wonder which number he'll end up going with. I think he'd look pretty cool with No. 22, or he could change to No. 57 just for kicks. Good thing I didn't buy his t-shirt just yet, and I'm not sure if Joba Chamberlain will keep his No. 62 jersey either.


Anonymous said...

joba might keep his cuz it adds up to 8, or switch to some other adding-up-to 8 number. i read somewhere (forget where) that he likes those cuz his bff past away when he was 12 from a sad disease (forget which) and that his number was always 8, so joba wears those as a memorial

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