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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Will Sabathia be the hot name next off-season?

River Ave. Blues directs us to this article from The Plain Dealer.

Cleveland Indians ace C.C. Sabathia will be a free agent after this season, and apparently will be too expensive to return to the Indians, especially with the contract Johan Santana is expected to receive in the next couple of days.

Santana never got to free agency, so Sabathia could be involved in a bidding war between the Yankees and Red Sox.

One of the problems I had with the Santana deal was giving up players. Sabathia would only cost money, and players such as Andy Pettitte and Carl Pavano will be coming off the books after 2008 allowing the Yankees to have more flexibility. He'll certainly be worth going after, if he's interested in coming to New York.


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