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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bruney signs, Wang close

There was some baseball news yesterday, but I was at the Giants Super Bowl parade and was too exhausted to do anything.

From Peter Abraham:

The Yankees signed Brian Bruney for one year and $725,000, avoiding arbitration.

Bruney had been seeking $845,000 and the Yankees were offering $640,000. The only unsigned Yankees is now Chien-Ming Wang. His arbitration hearing is reportedly scheduled for Feb. 15 in St. Petersburg, Fla.

It’s likely the Yankees willcome to some sort of agreement with Wang before then. They are only $600,000 apart.

Bruney's getting a lot of money, so he has to perform a lot better than he did last season. That means cutting down on the walks.

It's good to see that the Yankees and Wang aren't that far apart. Going to arbitration sounds like horrible process. The player has to listen while their employer gives reasons why they shouldn't make more money.

Wang submitted $4.6 million, while the Yankees submitted a $4 million offer.


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