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Monday, February 4, 2008

Tim Brown previews the AL East

Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports previewed the AL East tonight.

The portion on the Yankees doesn't really tell us anything we don't know already. There will be a competition at first base and the bullpen is still a problem.

One interesting thing I read was that Mariano Rivera hasn't had a postseason save since 2005 - something I hadn't realized (or chose to ignore). As happy as I am from the Super Bowl victory last night, that is rather depressing.


susan mullen said...

"Hasn't "had" a save?" He's a late inning reliever, not a stat. It says nothing bad about Rivera's skill. A "save" is more a creation of a manager than an accomplishment of a late inning reliever. What Rivera did in the 2007 post season bugs game was remarkable and a testament to his ability. The "save stat" compilers wouldn't even have been put in a high stakes situation like that. They'd be waiting around for a 3 run lead, bases empty, etc.

Andrew Fletcher said...


It wasn't a shot at Rivera by any means. It was more of a commentary on how the Yankees have performed during the last three postseasons. The fact that Rivera hasn't had a chance to save a game is what's depressing.

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