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Thursday, February 21, 2008

A-Rod's crystal ball

Alex Rodriguez made a couple of predictions for the 2008 season today, including how he expects Derek Jeter and Bobby Abreu to perform.

From Peter Abraham:

“I think Derek Jeter is going to have an MVP season. That’s my prediction for the year,” Rodriguez said. “And Bobby’s going to have a monster year.”
More on Jeter:
“I think he’s going to have an explosive, monster season. I think he’s in great shape. I think he did some great things this winter with his workouts. I’m very excited for his year.”
And Jeter and Rodriguez hate each other.

Is this just another case of the typical spring optimism, or is Rodriguez really a psychic? Only time will tell.

REUTERS/Scott Audette


Mantlemurcer said...

I don't think they hate each other, ya hater.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Sarcasm, my good man.

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