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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Liveblog: Blue Jays at Yankees

The game is on television, so I guess I'll give some updates.

Top of the First

Chien-Ming Wang
hit 95 m.p.h. with his fastball and only allowed a two-out single to Vernon Wells, who was caught trying to steal second base to end the inning. He threw two hanging sliders to Wells, eventually singling on the second one. He will need to get that pitch down. He threw 16 pitches for eight strikes.

Bottom of the First

Melky Cabrera led off with a drag bunt single to third base. Nice to see that from Cabrera, who will be the leadoff hitter when Johnny Damon isn't playing. Derek Jeter worked a walk to bring up Bobby Abreu with runners on first and second with no outs. Abreu lined a pitch to the right-center field gap for a double, driving in both Cabrera and Jeter. 2-0 Yankees. Alex Rodriguez drilled a pitch to the same area, except about 30 feet further, for a two-run home run. 4-0 Yankees.

Top of the Second

Wang walked Scott Rolen on five pitches to lead off the inning. Not a good start when your team gives you four runs. Wang was able to get Frank Thomas to ground into a double play. It was hit slowly, but Thomas was running, so Rodriguez and Jeter were able to turn it. Wang is still throwing pitches high for the most part.

Bottom of the Second

Jose Molina
singled and tried to score on an Abreu single to center. There was a close play at the plate and it looked like Molina got the hand in before the tag, but the home plate umpire thought differently. It is still 4-0 Yankees.

Top of the Third

There was a quirky play to end the inning. Matt Stairs hit a ball down the first base line. It was rolling foul and then kicked back into fair territory. Shelley Duncan was alert and picked it up and tagged the bag. Stairs was running down the line carrying his bat, obviously not expecting it to roll fair. Wang has passed 50 pitches through three innings.

Top of the Fourth

Wang is done after 3 2-3 innings. He struck out his final batter of the day. He gave up two hits and didn't allow any runs, so this is a major improvement from his last time out.

Bottom of the Fourth

Cabrera just doubled in Jason Lane. 5-0 Yankees. There are runners on second and third with no outs for Jeter. Jeter hit a medium fly ball to right that wasn't able to score the runner from third.

Top of the Fifth

Kyle Farnsworth gave up a walk and a hit but didn't allow a run to score. He still has a long way to go to regain my trust.


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