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Monday, March 17, 2008

Liveblog: Red Sox at Yankees

The game is on television, so I'll give some updates for those sitting in offices:

First Inning

Andy Pettitte retired the Red Sox in order, including striking out David Ortiz to end the inning. He looked very good and didn't show any signs of arm problems.

Bartolo Colon struck out Johnny Damon to strike out looking for the first out. Derek Jeter grounded a pitch up the middle for a one-out single. Bobby Abreu made Colon work, as he threw nine pitches, eventually drawing a walk. Jason Giambi struck out looking on a breaking ball. Jorge Posada walks on five pitches to load the bases. Despite having control issues, Colon has been throwing at 93 m.p.h. consistently. Hideki Matsui hit a two-run ground-rule double to left field. 2-0 Yankees. Robinson Cano followed with a two-run single to the left side. 4-0 Yankees.

Colon is out of the game after throwing 42 pitches. Julian Tavarez gets Melky Cabrera to ground into a fielder's choice to end the inning.

Second Inning

Wilson Betemit, playing third base, made a wild throw to first, but Giambi was there to tag out a running Mike Lowell. Good thing they still have Alex Rodriguez. Pettitte walked Jason Varitek with two outs. Pettitte has been around 90 m.p.h. with his fastball so far. He retired Jacoby Ellsbury to end the inning.

Tavarez hit Jeter in the elbow, prompting boos from Legends Field. Abreu got his revenge by hitting a two-run home run over the right field wall. 6-0 Yankees. Giambi hit a ball over the shift for a one-out double down the right field line. Matsui hit a two-out single up the middle to score Giambi. 7-0 Yankees. Betemit strikes out looking to end the inning.

Third Inning

Damon lost a ball in the sun. There are no second and third decks in spring training fields, so it's much easier to lose a ball in the sun during this time. It is second and third for the Red Sox with no outs and Julio Lugo up. Jeter somehow ranged over to his left to get a grounder up the middle. A run scored on the play. 7-1 Yankees, with a runner at third and one out. Pettitte's pitch went right through Posada's legs, scoring the runner from third. 7-2 Yankees. Pedroia walked, as Pettitte is at 55 pitches on the afternoon. Pettitte went up and in to David Ortiz. Is this possible retaliation for Jeter's hit by pitch? Anyway, Pedroia got picked off first base.

The Yankees went quietly in the bottom half of the inning.

Fourth Inning

Kevin Youkilis
led off with a solo home run over the left field wall. 7-3 Yankees. Lowell powered a pitch to nearly the same spot, but this one was caught by Damon. Pettitte's afternoon is done after 3 1-3 innings pitched. Heath Phillips came in and gave up a run. 7-4 Yankees.

Abreu led off with a double, followed by a single by Giambi. The run at third eventually scored. 8-4 Yankees

Fifth Inning


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. I am one of those "stuck in an office."
At first I was glad when you wrote that Pettitte had picked off Pedroia. But then I wish he hadn't. Why show those guys your best move in Spring Training. I wish he had sandbagged him into thinking he could take a big lead. That maybe Andy's legendary move wasn't so good anymore. Then...at a key moment in a game that MATTERS, bang! You send him back to the dugout wondering what hit him. Can't surprise him now. Y'know?

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