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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Thursday, March 6, 2008

This Joe believes in Farnsworth

Joe Girardi is confident that Kyle Farnsworth can succeed this season.

From Anthony Rieber:

Said Girardi: "I still think he's got a lot in him. And I'm not just talking about this year. I think he can be extremely successful. I think he can play a huge part in our bullpen this year."
This must be a breath of fresh air for Farnsworth, who believes that Joe Torre didn't have confidence in him and was never made clear of his role.
"I always have confidence in myself, definitely," he said. " But it's tough when you do lose the confidence from your manager to maybe prepare yourself day in and day out when you have no clue about anything."

Farnsworth criticized the way the Yankees handled him last season, saying no one asked him if he could pitch on consecutive days or in the middle of an inning, two things Torre was reluctant to do. The Yankees decided unilaterally on "The Farnsworth Rules," according to the reliever.

"I know that's been going on in the past, especially last year," he said. "They decided not to use me back-to-back days. They never came up to me and asked me. I don't know why that came about."
Hopefully Farnsworth isn't all talk and he truly believes in himself. The bullpen will be a question mark all season, so Farnsworth will have his chance to prove to the team that he can be a trusted option.


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