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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hughes has poor night vision

According to the Post's Joel Sherman, Phil Hughes has been having a tough time seeing at night in Yankee Stadium.

Hughes crossed-up catcher Chris Stewart a few times last night, and later admitted that he had trouble seeing the signs.

Apparently Hughes says there is a strong glare from the lights at Yankee Stadium at night and may wear neon glasses to prevent the glare from affecting him.

In two night games at Yankee Stadium this season, Hughes had one good start (6 IP, 2 ER against the Toronto Blue Jays on April 3) and one bad start (last night's awful performance against the Detroit Tigers).

Maybe Hughes is just sitting too close to the computer when he's blogging.


Anonymous said...

This is going to be a very long season of excuse making. Maybe he just isn't ready or capable of pitching on the this big stage. The Yanks put him in a bad spot in the first place. He's the kid we didn't trade for the Cy Young award winner. How would you like that tag.

Uncle Leo said...

He wishes he could be that Sanchez guy from across town.

Mark said...

You think they would have done vision tests on him

Andrew Fletcher said...

In the article, Hughes said he has "perfect vision." I wonder if he's just trying to make excuses for his bad performance. He had a good start at night at Yankee Stadium early this season and he didn't complain about anything (publicly) last year.

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