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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kennedy to DL

Ian Kennedy will be placed on the disabled list with the lat injury.

The Yankees have an off-day on Thursday, so they can get by without a fifth starter for this turn in the rotation. One has to figure that the Yankees will call up a reliever after the bullpen was burned today.

With Joba Chamberlain tentatively scheduled to throw 50 or so pitches tomorrow night, the Yankees could probably get him to start and throw about 70 pitches when the Yankees next need a fifth starter.


raven said...

If the Yankees let Joba start a game with the limitation of 70 pitches, who's gonna relieve him?
Ross Too Many HRs Ohlendorf?
LaTroy Gave it away in the 11th Inning Hawkins?
This idea gives me the creeps.

Andrew Fletcher said...

At least Joba would be used for at least part of the game. That's certainly better than what happened last night.

raven said...

They should've put Joba on the mound yesterday. The ultimate purpose of turning Joba into a starter is to win the game. So why not let him pitch at least one inning when the team needed to win badly? If they were worried about his arm, they could've lessen the pitch limitation and let him rest an extra day.
It just doesn't make sense. I'm actually happy that I had to attend to other business and didn't watch the whole game.

Andrew Fletcher said...

This will all be over soon. There's really no easy way to do this transition without sending him to the minors, so I guess they're doing the best they can.

I think he could've come into the game yesterday and then throw 35 or so pitches tonight. There's a such thing as being too careful with an arm.

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