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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why Hawkins?

LaTroy Hawkins in a 9-8 save situation in the 11th inning? Really?

Where's Jose Veras? He's certainly better than Hawkins.

This was a terrible move by Joe Girardi, and it cost the Yankees the game. The Yankees deserved to lose this game anyway by blowing two four-run leads, but they still somehow had a chance to win despite burning the bullpen.

I'm a proponent of the Joba Chamberlain transition, but not having him tonight killed them.

I hope Hawkins is cut in the near future because he is absolutely lost.


Master rob said...

Yeah, Joba not being available really fucking hurt, because we all know he would have been pitching the 11th fucking inning you moron!!

Andrew Fletcher said...

Chill Rob, watch out for the fallacy of the predetermined outcome. He could've come in for the 11th inning for all we know.

Super Rob said...

Yeah, if Joba was still the ***8TH INNING GUY*** I'm sure Joe Girardi would have saved him for the 11th tonight.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Even so, using Joba for one inning would push back Rivera's two innings.

Anonymous said...

it could have made a difference, but it was really kennedy's failure to go more than 3 innings that ruined the game. Hawkins was the last man standing, unless you go to Wang or Mussina. Veras showed last night he can't work in high leverage situations. If I were Joe I would have sucked it up and used Joba for that inning. He could have then gotten his other thirty pitches in the bullpen. Saving him until tomorrow might not be necessary anyway. It's another example of the Yankees incapable of managing these young pitchers and not thinking outside of the box

Andrew Fletcher said...

Unfortunately, it takes a game like this to realize that changes need to be made. Hopefully some kids in the minors will get a chance now.

Anonymous said...

veras is worse than hawkins, you suck

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