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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Girardi: Sprained foot

Manager Joe Girardi said that Chien-Ming Wang sprained the top of his right foot and will go for an MRI tomorrow in New York.

There is no concern regarding the Achilles tendon, as Peter Abraham speculated earlier.

Kim Jones drew a parallel to Brian Bruney's foot injury, and Girardi said that they'll find out more once the MRI is done tomorrow.

Wang is in a soft cast with crutches and was able to put a little weight on his foot. He has not gone for X-rays because there are no X-ray facilities in the ballpark.

It's a shame that a great road trip had to end like that, but the Yankees have now won four games in a row and stand at 37-33.

The extent of the injury will be found out tomorrow. Until then, let's try to enjoy the victory.


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