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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh well

If you told me that the Yankees would take two of three at Shea Stadium with Sidney Ponson, Andy Pettitte and Darrell Rasner starting all three games, I would've signed up for that in a heartbeat. And that's exactly what happened.

Rasner wasn't awful, but the Yankees' righty-heavy lineup was dismal against Oliver Perez, who always seems to pitch well against the Yankees.

Bobby Abreu actually hits better against lefties than he does against righties (.316 vs. .272), so I would have started him instead of Justin Christian.

It was strange booing "Enter Sandman" when Billy Wagner came in. It was like bizarro world.

It didn't rain that much at the game, but it absolutely poured during the walk back to the car (through the Worlds Fair park and over the L.I.E.). Long story short, I was drenched.

This was my first Subway Series game, and it happened to be the last one at Shea. All in all, it was a fun game. Too bad the Yankees ended up on the wrong side.

Next is a three-game series at home against Texas.


Andrew Kneeland said...

Good luck with the Rangers. They have one of the more under rated offenses in the league.

But with the brunt of your rotation pitching against the Mets, you should have the top dogs pitching these next few days, right? Wait, you do have some elite pitchers, don't you?

(Sorry, just can't resist a stab every now and then...:D)

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