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Monday, June 16, 2008

Wang injury speculation

The amateur doctors are out in full force tonight (and early this morning).

According to Tyler Kepner of the Times, Chien-Ming Wang told teammates that he felt a pop in his foot, almost certainly meaning ligament damage that could the right-hander's season in jeopardy.

The injury is to the top of Wang’s foot, the same general area that reliever Brian Bruney injured when he tripped while covering first base in April. Bruney was found to have a Lisfranc injury and is expected to miss a minimum of three months.

Wang has symptoms of the same injury, including swelling and the inability to bear weight on the foot; he left Minute Maid Park on crutches, in a soft cast. Bruney’s injury was in the middle of the foot, and Wang’s is believed to be in the webbing of his toes, between his big toe and second toe.

“I feel sore,” Wang said in a statement to the Yankees’ media relations director, Jason Zillo. “The doctor says I have to go to get an M.R.I. tomorrow. Of course I’m disappointed.”
With the off-day, we may not hear anything from the team regarding Wang's MRI until Tuesday.

Depending on how severe the injury is, it'll be interesting to see how the Yankees react. Wang will at least miss his next start. People are suggesting a trade for C.C. Sabathia (I don't see that happening). There will certainly be a call-up from the minors (Ian Kennedy, Jeff Karstens and Kei Igawa are the more Major League-ready). Dan Giese could possibly make a spot start or two.

This injury couldn't have come at a worse time. Wang was starting to rebound from a rough couple of week and the Yankees have finally gotten over their fear of getting two games over .500. All we can do now is hope the injury isn't a severe as Kepner suggests it is.


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