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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Monday, August 11, 2008

Losing streak hits 4

Justin Christian was tonight's leadoff hitter, as the American League leader in batting average sat on the bench.

Johnny Damon bats .296 against lefties, by the way.

It's getting late early.


Anonymous said...

damon has been the team's 2nd best hitter this year, after a-rod. and giambi gets on base at over a 40% rate against lefties this year. you can't bench both of these guys simultaneously in these types of games down the stretch. it is inexcusable to have melky and christian in the same lineup. next time he'll probably put in molina too, and so maybe the offense will actually score a negatve number of runs.

if he really felt that damon needed the day off, he has to put giambi in the lineup as the dh, with nady in lf with one of melky/christian on the bench. and if he really felt that giambi needed the day off, then damon needs to play for one of melky/christian. it's one thing to do something like this if you have a 10 game lead on a playoff spot. but when you are desperate for wins you can't put this kind of lineup out there, especially with the current state of the yankee pitching staff. the lineup has enough annoying issues when it is at full strength, what's the point of weakening it so much against a team that is directly ahead of them in the wild card hunt?

and if girardi is benching giambi because a lefty is on the mound, then girardi just hasn't been paying attention to giambi's performance against lefties this year.

raven said...

Girardi hasn't been paying attention to a lot of things.

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