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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moose wins 19th on E-Day

Mike Mussina won his 19th game of the season tonight, pitching five shutout innings while striking out six and allowing four runs. His season ERA is down to 3.47. He is scheduled to start on Sunday in Boston on the last day of the season.

This at least gives us something to root for after the Yankees got eliminated from playoff contention tonight.

In a way, I'm happy the Red Sox got this over with early. If they dragged this on longer and longer, I'd get my hopes up. The last thing I wanted was to set myself up for disappointment.

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http://janeheller.mlblogs.com said...

I know what you're saying, because I was getting my hopes up and now I can come down to earth. But with Moose's arm getting banged up, I hope he can pitch well (or at all) on Sunday. Give us something to celebrate!

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