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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cashman: We will win

Today has been relatively quiet, except for what Brian Cashman said at Yankee Stadium today.

From Peter Abraham:

A feisty, defiant Brian Cashman said today that he returned to the Yankees to “change the story” about where the team was headed. “We have to win,” he said. “And we will.”
Of course he's going to say that, but the fact that he was "defiant" is a welcomed change. He knows that this season was a failure and he'll do everything he can to change things around.

He also said that Hideki Matsui will DH, Johnny Damon will play the outfield and they will need a first baseman to play that position, according to Abraham.


raven said...

How long has Cashman been with the Yankees?
What has he been doing for all these years?
Now he wants to “change the story about where the team was headed”?
It WAS his job to make the Yankees a winning team and he failed.
But now he's awarded a new contract.
This team really derseves a better, smarter owner.

Andrew Fletcher said...

I'm going to reserve judgment until after this off-season. He has more roster flexibility with Giambi leaving, and there is some quality pitching out there.

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