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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vote Rays in '08

Let's go Rays.

Yes, you read that correctly: Let's go Rays. I understand they are in the same division as the Yankees, but who cares? This team has been a wonderful story all year, starting with them taking on the big, bad Yankees in spring training and riding that momentum all the way to an improbable first-place finish in the AL East.

The Tampa Bay Rays will begin their division series matchup with the Chicago White Sox today at 2:37 (exactly) p.m. this afternoon, with James Shields starting Game 1 against ex-Yankee Javier Vazquez.

Imagine, for a second, they get all the way to the World Series and have to face the Cubs? The Cubs looked horrible last night, but they haven't reached the World Series since 1945, let alone win it since 1908. What drama that would be: The up-start Rays against the lovable losers! It doesn't get much better than that, save for the Yankees being in the World Series.

In this baseball-starved city, we don't have our Yankees to root for this October. Let us have a little fun and root for the Rays. Hopefully they'll beat Boston in the ALCS.


Anonymous said...

Pretty stupid of you to root for a division rival.

Andrew Fletcher said...

At least it's not the Red Sox.

raven said...

Let's go Ozzie!
He's more fun than anybody else.

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