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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Clemens has no hard feelings toward Yankees

Roger Clemens talked to a Houston television station today and said he harbors no ill-will toward the Yankees for their failure to mention him during the Yankee Stadium closing ceremony.

"The reports were false as many have been over the course," Clemens told Houston's KRIV-TV about reports he was unhappy the team didn't include him among those honored during the final game at Yankee Stadium. "I don't pay attention to them. We are trying to do things the right way.

"They had some story that I was watching it. I was actually in Florida in the instructional league at the time the game was going on, the last Yankee Stadium game was happening, I was on a plane flight coming home. So I never saw any of the game itself," he said.
That's nice.

Clemens also says he has no desire to play, he's happy at home and is willing to work for the Astros as soon as they're willing to let him.

Yeah, it's a slow news day/week/month/season.


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