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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mixed messages from Mussina's camp

Will Mike Mussina return? Will he retire? I've heard two vastly different reports just today.

From Buster Olney (Via MLB Trade Rumors):

A longtime friend of Andy Pettitte reiterated that the left-hander intends to pitch in 2009 -- and there is a growing sense that Mike Mussina may return for another season, as well, although Mussina has not indicated a final decision, one way or another.
And from FoxSports' Ken Rosenthal:
Friends of Yankees right-hander Mike Mussina are still convinced he will retire. One possible reason: Mussina fears that the Yankees will not be good enough next season for him to sufficiently chip away at the 30 victories he needs for 300.

Mussina, who turns 40 on Dec. 8, would consider playing for other teams near his home in Montoursville, Pa., but those teams either play in small ballparks (Phillies, Red Sox) or face their own competitive issues (Pirates, Orioles, Nationals, Indians). The Mets? Not happening.

One other thing about Mussina: His expectations of himself are so high, he could not tolerate getting hammered again the way he was in 2007. Better to go out on top, which is what he would be doing after his first 20-win season.
Firstly, Rosenthal's report seems more concrete. I don't know what Olney means by a "growing sense." Also, regarding Andy Pettitte, it's nice that he wants to return, but do the Yankees want him to? Based on his 2008 performance, I doubt it.

Meanwhile, is coming off a 20-win season at the age of 39. That doesn't mean he's invincible. Does he want to hang on for 30 more wins which will likely take about three years? I'm not so sure.


Stephen C. Rose said...

Yes, to Sabathia and Ramirez and to Mike if he wants to come back. No to Pettite unless Girardi thinks he can have a Mussina-like season altering his style.

Andrew Fletcher said...

I think I prefer Teixeira to Ramirez, but I agree that Sabathia should be signed.

I'm not sure if Pettitte can rebound. He's traditionally a second-half pitcher, but he was terrible after the All-Star break. If he wants to pitch, that's great. I think he's pitched his last game here.

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