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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joba arrested for DUI

Joba Chamberlain was arrested for driving under the influence this morning, according to Peter Abraham.

Deborah Collins, a spokeswoman for the Nebraska State Patrol, said that the 23-year-old Chamberlain was pulled over after being observed speeding in a 2006 BMW 75i shortly after 1 a.m. on U.S. 77.

Chamberlain was arrested after an odor of alcohol was detected and an open container of alcohol was observed on the front passenger seat. Chamberlain was taken to the Cornhusker Place Detox and booked on charges of driving under the influence, having an open container of alcohol and speeding.
How stupid do you have to be?

Hopefully the Yankees will talk this over with him, because behavior like this is absolutely unacceptable.


Andrew Vazzano said...

Bad Joba.

Lets Go Mets said...
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kongon said...

This isn't what the Yankees need to be dealing with at this point in time. With Joba being placed on the pedestal as the next Yankee wunderkind and a lot of young fans looking up to him, this is what he does?

I hope the incident is just a one-time blip on his personal life. If this is what he does for recreation on a regular basis, his getting arrested might be the best thing to happen, a wake-up call. Last night, Tony Paige on WFAN tried to be philosophical about the incident. He was saying this was better than hearing Joba become a woulda/shoulda/coulda if something bad happened to him or if he caused harm (or worse) to someone else had it resulted in an alcohol related accident.

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