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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Boras called Yankees about Teixeira

We learned yesterday that the Yankees were back to talking Mark Teixeira. However, as Kat O'Brien reported this morning, it was Scott Boras who initiated the talks.

One source said Boras gave Cashman an estimate of what it would cost to land Teixeira, a superb defensive and offensive first baseman. The ballpark figure reportedly was about $22 million to $23 million per year on an eight-year contract, for a total of $180 million to $185 million.

The source said Boras wanted to give the Yankees an opportunity to make an offer. The Yankees currently do not have an offer on the table for Teixeira.

Cashman met personally with Teixeira and Boras before the winter meetings but reportedly made no offer. A source said the Yankees have not ruled out making an offer for Teixeira, saying: "We're debating it. Some in the organization want to do it."
"Some in the organization want to do it."

My guess is that should read: "Hank and Hal Steinbrenner want to do it."

O'Brien goes on to suggest the Yankees will remain on the sideline of these talks. She also said Brian Cashman said earlier this week that the Yankees plan to have a lower payroll this year.

So there you have it. The Yankees are debating offering Teixeira a contract.


She-Fan said...

I wonder if Hank and Hal will win this argument over Cashman. Wasn't Hal supposed to be the fiscally responsible one? Anyway, the organization seems to be divided over both Teixeira and Manny.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Hal doesn't seem to averse to spending money this year, but yeah, he was supposedly fiscally conservative.

Anonymous said...

So was Bush, until he turned into a left-wing socialist. But, at least Hal doesn't spend MY money.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Not unless you go to games and buy $70 tickets, $6 hot dogs and $10 cups of beer.

Anonymous said...

I live in Iowa. Stop laughing.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Ha...well at least you have the Caucuses. That's...fun...

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