"Now, what is this site about, how Joe Torre ruined pitchers' arms? Is that it?"
-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Introducing: Scott Proctor's Arm 2.0

I'd like to introduce to you the revamped Scott Proctor's Arm, dubbed "The 2009 Project," "Scott Proctor's Arm HD" or "Scott Proctor's Arm 2.0." I don't know which one I like best.

First, I bought the domain name earlier this week, back when I had no plans to add anything else to the site except the usual wonderful content.

However, things changed yesterday when I was bored and thought of things I could do to change the template. I spent most of the day trying to install a third column (the new left-hand sidebar). Believe me, it's harder than you think. I'm not going to go bore you with the details, but it wouldn't work right and I was trying to fix things for many, many hours.

Because of the width of the extra column, a new banner had to be made. I found the picture on Greg Cohen's construction updates page. Thank you.

Now that this is settled, what do you think of the changes? Would you like me to try and change anything? I'm working for you guys.

Also, just a tiny housekeeping note. If you subscribe with the old Feedburner URL, please change your subscription to this URL: http://www.scottproctorsarm.com/feeds/posts/default


Anonymous said...

It's either Scott Proctor's Arm HD or SPA 2.0. Scott Proctor's Arm 2.0 just doesn't sound right but that's just MY opinion. Thanx for always trying to get the news to us as fast as possible. As a reader, I really appreciate that.

Andrew Fletcher said...

I appreciate the kind words. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Change the name to Joba's Arm or Andrew Brackman's Arm.

Scott Proctor's no longer on the Jankees and when he was, he wasn't very good...

Merry Christmas!

Patrick said...

Congrats on the launch.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Thank you sir

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