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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Report: Angels withdraw Tex offer

Jerry Crasnick, citing a baseball source, is reporting the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have withdrawn their eight-year offer for Mark Teixeira's services.

I believed it when the Red Sox first did it, but since they're back to being a factor (Crasnick lists Boston, the Yankees, Baltimore and Washington as players), I'm going to take this news with a grain of salt...for now.

But one thing is certain: this story is just flat-out weird.


Anonymous said...

lyIt's pretty obvious that Boras is pissing everyone off. GM's and owners don't mind paying, but they don't like being played against each other the way Boras is famous for. Whomever he pisses off the least--gets Teixeira.

Andrew Fletcher said...

I don't remember what the A-Rod negotiations were like in 2000, but I'm sure they were just as crazy. Boras knows how to play the game.

Anonymous said...

You're flat-out weird.

Anonymous said...

Me? Flat?

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear how Boras talks to GMs. Despite his infamous reputation, one has to appreciate his level of skill.

Oh, and the two column layout looks nice

Andrew Fletcher said...

Yeah, I've always wondered how these negotiations go. Do they yell at each other? Do they push paper off the table? That stuff should be public record.

Thanks, Dan.

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