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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Heyman on Pettitte

SI's (as well as SNY's, WFAN's and MLB Network's) Jon Heyman is reporting Andy Pettitte has less than a 50 percent chance of resuming his Yankee career, according to team officials.

We all know Pettitte was upset at the Yankees' one-year, $10 million offer, but he hasn't seen anything better, according to Heyman, and will likely have to wait for the team to trade either Nick Swisher or Xavier Nady to free up payroll space.

If all else fails, retirement could be his second option, and pitching for either Houston or the Dodgers could be other long-shot alternatives, Heyman said.

If Pettitte really wants to pitch in 2009, I believe he is going to regret not taking the Yankees' original offer.

Just keep in mind what Pettitte said on Sept. 10 (via NoMaas): "The Yankees know me enough, it's not like I'm going to hold out. I guess if I had spent all my money or whatever, it might be different. But it's not about that, really, anymore."



Rev said...

It's just so sad to see a great Yankee go out like this. What a disapointment.

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