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Monday, March 23, 2009

Breaking news: Yankees switch to Pepsi

It was revealed in today's concessions press release that the Yankees will employ Pepsi products at concession stands in the new ballpark. As a fan of Pepsi, I am pleased.

Here are some other important details regarding food:


Fans visiting Yankee Stadium will immediately notice the increased range of options, with something for every taste from traditional favorites to New York's best foods making their Stadium debut, along with new cuisine, healthy alternatives and child-friendly options.

Traditional Favorites:

* Bazzini nuts
* Carl's Steaks
* Carvel Ice Cream
* Cracker Jack
* Famous Famiglia Pizza
* French's Mustard
* Hebrew National
* Heinz Ketchup
* Mike's Arthur Avenue Italian Deli, featuring zeppoli and antipasto
* Nathan's Famous, serving hot dogs in natural casing
* New York Pretzel
* Premio Sausage, serving grilled coiled sausages
* Poland Spring Water
* Tyson chicken
* Utz Potato Chips

Stadium Debuts:

* Boar's Head made-to-order deli sandwich stand, including soups and salads
* Brother Jimmy's BBQ
* Dunkin' Donuts Coffee
* Highlanders traditional ballpark food with a New York flair, including hot dogs with sauerkraut and "pushcart" onions
* Johnny Rockets
* Lobel's of New York
* Moe's Southwest Grill
* Otis Spunkmeyer
* Pepsi Cola Products, including Lipton Iced Tea, Tropicana Lemonade and Gatorade
* Tommy Bahama's Bar serving mixed drinks
* Turkey Hill Ice Cream

New Cuisine:

* Garlic Fries stand, a staple of West Coast ballparks
* Latin Corner, serving hot-pressed Cuban sandwiches, nachos and burritos
* Noodle Bowls stand with other Asian-inspired items
* Soy Kitchen sushi and salads
* Triple Play Grill, offering beef and chicken sliders, and Lobel's steak sandwiches

Healthy Alternatives and Specialty Items:

* Melissa's, a traditional farmers market, carrying fresh fruits and vegetables
* Various Glatt Kosher options

Child-Friendly Options

* The Big Apple stand, offering candy, caramel and chocolate-dipped apples
* Dale and Thomas popcorn stand
* Kids Cart with school-lunch favorites and smaller-portion items, such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, milk, small hot dogs and Kozy Shack Pudding


The Yankees continue to offer exceptional value on food and merchandise. They are offering a $3 hot dog, a $3 soft drink and a $6 beer. Traditional Stadium fare, such as hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn, sausages and Cracker Jack, remain the same price as last season. New sizes of soda, many including a souvenir cup, are offered at a variety of prices. In addition, a Family Value Line of merchandise has been created with low-priced items, including pennants, Yankees T-shirts, key chains, and more.
Nothing excites me too much, although I am intrigued by $3 hot dogs and sodas. I guess the Yankees figure they'll make back all their money with the $2,625 the team is charging for front-row seats.

Here is my favorite part:
Beginning this season, the Yankees are implementing a “Fresh-To-Order” system, which will provide fans with the freshest and hottest possible food.
Makes you wonder what we've been eating all of these years...

It continues:
One of the most unique characteristics of the Stadium, and an example of the Yankees' commitment to serve "Fresh-To-Order," is a window found in the left-field concourse of the Field Level where fans can see butchers from Lobel's of New York preparing prime, dry-aged steaks to be served in various locations in the Stadium. Fresh Lobel's steak sandwiches will be sold on a cart outside this location.
OK, seriously - this is a baseball stadium, not a supermarket. They're going a little too overboard here.


Andrew Vazzano said...

Are the hot dogs cooked in dirty water?

Andrew Fletcher said...

I think that would go about the "fresh-to-order" premise, but I know the Stadium is against an industrious backdrop of skyscrapers, pavement, flashing neon lights and yellow taxis whizzing past the streets.

vic said...

what about "The Yankee"??? we have one (Council Oak) down here in FL, one of the best steaks in the area... Beats Smith & Woll, Mortons, etc. anyday...

She-Fan said...

When I read that release, I was trying to figure out what was up with that "fresh to order" window where they have butchers playing with steaks. I'd rather they put more seats in that space!

Lenny Neslin said...

So New Yorker's tax dollars are going towards fresh steaks at the stadium? Wow.

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