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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A look at the standings

I delve into the standings after all of the relevant Sunday games have been completed to track the Yankees' progress over the week that just ended.

Here is an updated look at the American League East standings and the American League Wild Card standings:

AL East

Boston Red Sox 13-7 --
Baltimore Orioles 11-8 1.5
Toronto Blue Jays 10-9 2.5
New York Yankees
10-10 3.0
Tampa Bay Rays 8-11 4.5

Wild Card
Los Angeles Angels 12-8--
Oakland Athletics 12-8--
Baltimore Orioles 11-80.5
Toronto Blue Jays 10-91.5
New York Yankees
Seattle Mariners 10-102.0
Kansas City Royals 9-10 2.5
Minnesota Twins 9-102.5
Tampa Bay Rays 8-113.5
Cleveland Indians 7-124.5
Texas Rangers 7-124.5
Detroit Tigers 6-135.5

The Red Sox's magic number to eliminate the Yankees 140.

The Angels' magic number to eliminate the Yankees is 141.

I think there is a lot of season left.


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