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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Olney: Yanks to have lower payroll

Buster Olney (via MLB Trade Rumors) says that he heard the Yankees' payroll will be around $180 million next season. That would be a decrease of almost $30 million if true.

I'm not sure where he got that number from, but let's examine it.

Big money coming off the payroll:

  • Jason Giambi's $21 million. He has a $5 million buyout.
  • Bobby Abreu's $16 million
  • Andy Pettitte's $16 million
  • Mike Mussina's $11 million
  • Carl Pavano's $11 million
That is $70 million coming off the books right there. On the above list, I can only see Abreu and Mussina have a chance of coming back next year. Ivan Rodriguez won't be back, Damaso Marte has a 2009 club option and the Yankees will have to pay arbitration eligible players like Chien-Ming Wang, Xavier Nady and Brian Bruney.

The Yankees will have a lot of money to throw around at free agents. The weeks and months after the World Series should be a lot of fun.


raven said...

You can rest assured that Cashman will spend hell of money on Igawa No.2 in Japan while using every excuse in the universe to cut down Chien-ming Wang's and Joba's salary.

Andrew Fletcher said...

As long as the Red Sox don't try to sign a Japanese pitcher, I think there won't be an Igawa No. 2. We all know that was a copycat move. I still don't think Cashman was fully on board with that move though.

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