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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cashman meets with Pettitte

Earlier today, Brian Cashman left Las Vegas again. The last time he left Vegas, he came back with news that CC Sabathia would be a Yankee. Today, he went to Texas to meet with Andy Pettitte, according to Joel Sherman.

Reading Sherman's piece, it sounded like Cashman was dispatched to deliver an ultimatum to the lefty.

So that leaves one rotation spot, and it is time to take the Yankees offer or the organization is prepared to fill that spot and close the door.

The Yankees are offering Pettitte $10 million for 2009. He made $16 million last year and does not want a pay cut. However, the Yankees are insistent he now is more of a No. 4 or 5 starter.

But it was clear Cashman also was ready to tell Pettitte this was the moment of truth: That if Pettitte really wanted to pitch as a Yankee in the new Stadium in 2009 he must act rather quickly to accept an offer -- or else the Yankees are prepared to move on elsewhere, perhaps to Ben Sheets or another option or two, including simply using youngsters Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy to battle for the job.
Interesting news here. Sherman quotes an unnamed team executive, saying Pettitte is probably worth $8 million, but they'd be willing to offer $10 million, "because we love him." Sherman speculates that Cashman could offer Pettitte reachable incentives to increase his pay.

While Pettitte struggled last year (14-14, 4.54 ERA), he still pitched over 200 innings. Having him back next season would be nice, but not at $16 million guaranteed. Hopefully Pettitte realizes this, because the most important thing in his life isn't baseball.


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